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Phase Three
Absorption into the Parent

Phase Three sees the release of the travelling principle by which the Path is walked.

By following closely prescribed steps, the meditator's consciousness gently expands into levels of perception and understanding beyond the personal.

Mysteries of time and space are entered into at higher levels of logic.

The meaning of reincarnation begins to unfold in its deeper perspective.

There is a dawning recognition of the powerful forces that govern human existence and the intimate connection between these and the individual lives of people.

This phase leads the meditator back into a sense of absorption into the deep, spiritual focus that is the PARENT that has awaited the return of its own projection, not through death, but through conscious, intentional travel.

This dramatic reversal of the ancient trend of projection out into physicality is a milestone, not only in the life of the person, but also of the ENERGY PARENT in each case.

As a result of this return, the way is open for influences from that PARENT IN ENERGY to essence forth into the life of the meditator, providing a continued source of upliftment and enhancing the life mission.