phase one
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Phase One
Preparing for an inward travel

Phase One is a preparation of the outer parts of the meditator. This involves the clearing and energising of 7 fundamental force/energy centres essential for walking a path of this nature.

These centres perform functions in the subtle levels of a person equivalent to the processes of absorption and elimination within the physical body.

They are centres of ingress and egress through which flows the energy that maintains the health of all aspects of our being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Force centres are one of the ways by which we are related to our Higher Self, Soul, Spirit. In this teaching of the Return Path, the term ENERGY PARENT is inclusive of all these terms.

Phase One also lays the foundation for ongoing integration as the path unfolds.

Once opened in the required configuration and sequence, these centres continue to open as approach to the ENERGY Parent proceeds.

There is an enhanced ability in the meditator to absorb energies from that source.

There is a specific configuration of centres distinctive to this path which distinguishes it from other paths.

Phase One occupies approximately two months.