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Para-Energy Therapy
Illness can originate in any of the levels involved in a person's existence. Only occasionally are there causes that are purely physical. Just as the physical body is subject to environmental shock, injury and trauma, as well as dysfunction, so are the subtle bodies also prone to these factors.

The health of the energy centres is crucial in this picture, maintaining, as they do, the energy intake and elimination at all levels. In ill health, these centres are blocked, impeding the free flow of energy through the system.

Para-Energy Therapy, or Energy Therapy as it is sometimes simplistically referred to, is based on correcting energy flow, removing blockages and restoring balance through all centres and all levels. It relies on no medication or prescription. Apart from being a therapy in its own right, Para -Energy Therapy is incorporated, in various ways, in the other therapeutic services offered by Cross of Light. Therapy is a deeply relaxing experience and is conducted by the direct transfer of energy through a trained Practitioner to and through the client.

Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle but very effective positional release technique to relieve pain and tension from joints and muscles, assist with hormonal and organ imbalances, and facilitate the body's own corrective and self-regulatory mechanisms.

Reflexology is unique amongst therapies in its ability to reach all parts of the body by focussing on the feet and hands in a particular way. Apart from its unusual accessing of problematical states in the body, this therapy relieves accrued tensions in the feet and hands with corresponding relief and well being to the whole body.

N.I.S. - Neuro Integrative System

N.I.S. is a gentle, highly recommended therapy that integrates your body, nervous system and brain in a way that allows them to perform optimally. N.I.S. covers a range of problems including:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Fibro myalgia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Recurring infections
  • And many other health issues

Also explore the pleasure of our
Relaxation Classes for Mind and Body where you can discover creative and profound ways of relaxing that will serve you both at home and work.