T H E   I N N E R   L I F E

A Unique Teaching and Learning Program

There is an outward science that explores and observes the physical universe and humanity's place within that.

There is another science that depicts the universe in its subtlety. This science of the inner life has, as its object of study, the subtle bodies of humanity as well as those of foci beyond.

Composed of finer matter than the physical body, these subtle bodies inhabit their own energy environments.

They are capable of movement and action at their own level and exhibit varying stages of development and maturity, health and ill health.

A precise knowledge of these bodies and their respective environments is inherent in the meditative and therapy services provided by Cross of Light.

This knowledge is comprehensively described in the many volumes of this teaching and is available for study, in a graduated manner, as the meditator progresses through the phases of The Path.