phase one
phase two
phase three

The Factor of Separateness
All existence is an energy projection from deeper Sources resident in energy. By virtue of that projection, there prevails, throughout humanity, a state of separateness between each person and their Source.

This sense of separateness is the root cause of feelings of personal isolation, inadequacy and incompleteness. It is also the driving force that compels a person to reach out to Something beyond, in whatever terms that Something might be understood.

The Requirement to Return
It is a universal phenomenon that all things must return whence they have come. This return may happen in several ways. Death is one form of return. Other ways of return are shown by the great religions and spiritual schools.

Each, in its own particular way, teaches prayer or meditation as a means of bridging the separateness and bringing each person to a sense of closer presence with the Source. Generally, most forms of meditation move in the same direction - into deeper states of consciousness.

However, neither doctrine nor meditative practices, either alone or in combination, may provide knowledge of the actual steps of the path that is there to be travelled.

When Belief and Meditation become the Path
There comes a stage, in the spiritual seeking of a person, when the yearning for a deeper sense of identity becomes urgent in its need for a more direct knowledge of the way back.

The time arrives for a recognition of what was always there - but previously concealed from view - the existence of A STRUCTURED PATH.

This path has, in fact, been present throughout history and has been walked before by ready ones with the sensitivity to know it is there. In times of planetary upheaval and cyclic change, knowledge of this path is revealed in a direct and extensive way in order to help the many who are on the verge of discovering it.

Between 1975 and 1981, in Brisbane, the steps of this RETURN PATH were revealed again, in a manner which embodies its ancient truth within the modern concept of energy. Cross of Light is custodian of this distinctive teaching of the RETURN PATH and the unique and comprehensive explanations that accompany it.

An Outline of the Path
This is a Path of spiritual development. It is a journey in every sense of the word. The journey is an inward one and is undertaken by the release of a travelling principle within the meditator.

To enable this, due preparation and certain information are required. The journey proceeds through three phases. Phase one and phase two are preparatory and are essential groundwork for the third phase. Each of the first two phases is also a complete unit in itself, allowing the meditator the option to pause or continue further if desired. Phase three is the period of actual travel to the deep nucleic core of individual existence as we know it.

This deep nucleus is referred to as THE ENERGY PARENT.