C R O S S   O F   L I G H T

A Brief History

Cross of Light Inc. is a non-sectarian, non-profit organisation offering specialised services in meditation, healing and a learning program dealing with the science of the inner life.

Incorporated in 1982, the organisation traces its inception back to 1975, to a unique research program into the psychic and spiritual causes underlying illness. Via this research, there unfolded the detailed steps of The Return Path and a profound understanding of the energy structures inherent in human existence.

Although its work is spiritually based, Cross of Light is not a religion and there is nothing doctrinal implied by the name which is drawn from the ancient symbol, the crux ansata.

Contact Details

Meditation and Therapy Centre
69 Holbrook Rd. Westbrook
Ph: 4630 6171

P.O. Box 7411 Toowoomba Mail Centre Qld. 4352
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